Do Movie Streaming Websites Require A Membership?

20 Dec

Movie streaming websites offer an invaluable service to mankind. They provide on-demand entertainment. A few years ago, if you wanted to watch a movie, you’d have to dress up, go to a movie house at a specific time, and lineup for tickets. If you get there late, you either wait for the next showing or you just settle for missing the first part of the movie.

With movie streaming, you no longer need to dress up or even leave your house. You can watch or stream the movie that you want anytime you feel like it. Just go to the movie streaming website of your choice, pick out a movie that you want to view, and click “play”.

Why do movie streaming websites require membership?

If you go to a movie house, you’d have to pay for your ticket. There are no tickets on streaming websites but, some require for customers to sign up and pay for membership. The fee is what the owner of the streaming website uses to cover the expenses of sharing the movie file. Most of the time, site owner shave to maintain two websites. The first one acts as a menu and search engine.This is where viewers search for their preferred show. The other is the site that actually houses the movie file. Requiring subscription fees is also how they earn a profit.

Not all streaming websites charge for membership

Some movie streaming website do not require membership. Instead, they post ads on their pages, have advertisements pop up when the play button is clicked, or insert ads in between movie clips so they still earn.This is true for yesmovies, a popular movie streaming website.  The advertisements can be a little distracting but watching it is a small price to pay compared to paying for membership. You just need to tolerate, or even enjoy, watching a few minutes of advertisements then you can continue to enjoy watching the movie. Don’t forget the tub of microwave popcorn!

The Best Movies To Watch In 2018

12 Jun

Are you wondering what would be the good movies to watch this year? Sometimes when you look at the trailers and also the list of movies to come, it can be very tempting to watch them all. Binge watching movies can be very expensive which is also why you can find that people are looking for alternative ways where they can watch all the movies that they like the least money to cash out. That is also why online streaming sites have become really popular nowadays. You don’t have to worry since you can find the latest movie updates online as well.

Perks You Get If You Choose To Watch Online
You can easily find the best movies to watch online if you plan on using streaming sites. They are very easy to use and even if it’s your first time to navigate their sites you can get the hang of it already after just a few minutes. One of the things that you can expect when you watch movies online is that you get to have unlimited access to a lot of movies. You don’t have to pay for every movie that you watch and you can even binge a series that you like since online streaming sites also offer TV series and show more often than not.

Watching Movies Online Anywhere
When the concept of being able to watch the movies that you like online anywhere you wish was impossible, it is overwhelming to think that nowadays you can do just the same. With your gadgets, you can now easily access movie websites as long as you have a good and stable internet connection. Even if you are traveling and would like to kill time as you are waiting for your train or going somewhere far , you can just easily whip up your phone and start watching movies from your favorite online streaming site.